WeCloud AB


Security as a Service
WeCloud develops and distributes cutting edge solutions for Web security, mobile security, antispam, antivirus and network monitoring in the cloud. WeCloud's global security platform gives our customers the highest possible security without investing in hardware or software. With our cloud-based security services, all user activities are protected in real time regardless of device, place and client platform.

The WeCloud team possess Scandinavia's longest experience of cloud-based security solutions. WeCloud was founded in 2010 and has through organic growth achieved excellent profitability. WeCloud AB has the highest possible credit rating (AA-rated by Equity ratio). The founders and co-owners Richard Zetterberg and Karl Andersson both have a background in SoftScan, who were pioneers in cloud-based email security in Scandinavia.

Trusted Partner
As a leading Nordic provider of cloud-based security WeCloud provides qualified and personalized support to in excess of 2000 organisations worldwide. WeClouds services are utilized by millions of users globally. Among WeClouds clients include private and public sector organizations of all sizes.

WeCloud is one of Scandinavia's fastest growing provider of online security services and our solutions can be deployed rapidly without any investment in hardware or software. Our vision is to ensure that secure IT is accessible to all.