Recurring Security Assessment

WeCloud's Reccuring Security Assessment is an easy way to assure that your users, clients and servers are secure, as well as to make sure the company is taking steps to keep it

How vulnerable is your network? Do you really know?
You have bought the appropriate software/hardware and taken the steps you believe are the best security practices so you should be protected, right? However, there are some good reasons you may want to do a recurring security assessment of your network.


Why should you assess the network?
Each time you add new hardware, change your network configuration, install new software or perform major upgrades, it could possibly expose network without your knowledge.

What happens in a security assessment?
We will scan your public IP addresses for potential errors in security setup, misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. We use a unique approach with both automated and manual testing to identify problems.

The scan found vulnerabilities Now what?
Our scan report groups vulnerabilities into 3 risk categories: High, Medium and Low Risk. This makes it easy for you to review the remediation report and prioritize actions to eliminate high risk vulnerabilities first. During the next scan we will verify which vulnerabilities have been effectively remediated.

When your network is secure how can you make sure it stays secure?
We provide security assurance by periodically testing for the latest and most serious vulnerabilities that has been revealed since the last scan. We will also provide you with an easy-to-read verview of these vulnerability as well verifying that you are not vulnerable to them.