Private Cloud - WeCloud Email Security

WeCloud Email Security Private Cloud is a scalable software solution that is designed to run on virtual servers in one or more data centers. The solution includes advanced spam filtering, virus filtering and multi-level administration where end users can be created and assigned permissions using the self-service portal. WeCloud Private Cloud is designed for ISPs, MSP's and hosting providers.


WeCloud Email Security Private Cloud is 100% scalable and can handle hundreds of thousands of customers and end users in a single private cloud. The solution is designed for hosting providers who want to offer their customers spam and virus filtering with maximum performance and minimal administration. The solution can also be supplied as transparent protection to lighten the load on your email system by filtering spam, malware and unwanted email at source.

Set up the cloud service in your own data center, customize the look and promote your own brand, and set up new customers in a matter of minutes.

WeCloud Private Cloud can quickly and easily be customized and integrated with your existing provisioning system or self-service portal using an API. The system is designed to be installed on virtual servers, where a single server can handle more than 10 million e-mails per day. The solution can be extended with additional scanning servers as required.

WeCloud Private Cloud is comprised of three components:

Scanning Servers that process SMTP traffic with spam filters, policy filters and virus filters

Database Servers that store transaction logs and quarantined email

Web Servers that provide a clean and simple management portal for both resellers and end customers.

The solution comes pre-configured with multiple spam engines, RBLs and virus engines but can be adapted and supplemented with alternative antivirus engines and antispam technologies. You can decide how long you want to save logs, quarantine email and customer data. WeCloud Private Cloud allows you to offer your customers long- or short-time archiving email in your own data center where you can guarantee integrity and local data storage.

WeCloud help you with installation, configuration, support and any necessary adjustments required. The software automatically generates license reports and provide data for billing that can be integrated directly with your existing ERP solution.

"TDC Hosting need the best tools, efficiency and quality in all solutions to our customers. In cooperation with WeCloud and Mail Security, TDC Hosting and customers got the best solution, as well as benefits in terms of control and monitoring." -Product Manager for TDC Hosting

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