Environmental policy

The services WeCloud delivers with its cloud-based architecture are more environmentally friendly than traditional hardware solutions. he basis of our environmental policy is to make a conscious effort to protect the environment by using both cloud-based services and renewable resources whilst avoiding the use of environmentally harmful substances, thereby preventing pollution.

WeClouds environmental guidelines are as follows:

  • All aspects of the supply-chain including, commodity and product consumption, transportation and waste, shall be included in the environmental assessment of all services and products.
  • Environmental activities are integrated into our daily work routines and respect for the environment is taken in to account with each decision we make. We should set an example for others and as far as possible make use of environmentally friendly products.
  • All waste management must be done in such a way so that air and water pollution is minimized 
  • All employees should use public transport as far as possible. Staff should be encouraged to walk, cycle, use public transport or car pool both to from the workplace and to and from external meetings.
  • Where possible, we will use environmentally friendly equipment and materials.
  • We will reduce the use of consumables / office materials and strive to repair and reuse as far as possible.
  • We will continually strive to reduce our energy consumption in both our data centers and offices.
  • We will meet the relevant authorities and the public's demands regarding environmental issues.