Cirius Email Encryption

Today email is the most important method of communication for many businesses. Everything from invoices to strategic business plans are sent via email and the loss of such data can at worst mean bankruptcy.

Sending traditional email means that the contents of the e-mail are sent unencrypted and open over the internet. With WeClouds solution for encrypted email  you can secure your email communication and  ensure that only the desired recipient can read the contents.


Email Encryption
Send, receive and track secure corporate messages and attachments using any existing email address or platform.

Patented Delivery Slip
Track and prove when an email is received, read, replied to, forwarded, deleted or printed.

Any device, anywhere
Native apps and secure browser access for all smartphones and tablets

Seamless integration with all common email platforms including Office365, Exchange & Gmail. Simple one click access for recipients.

Full localization support
Customizable local language option.


Archiving and e-Discovery
Automatically decrypt secure messages in to any third-party archiving solution

Unique Security Features
Message control features such as ForwardFreeze and patented For Your Eyes Only provide enhanced protection for ultra-sensitive messages.