Global Relay Message & Email Archiving

Wecloud's message archiving eliminates the need for complicated installations of hardware or software.

Configure some simple default settings in your email solution and you can automatically archive email to one of our secure data centers around the world in real time. When required you can instantly restore individual or multiple emails directly from your email client or by using our intuitive web-based control panel.

You can also allow your end users to access their own individual e-mail archive and search, read and recover emails from the archive through an extra folder in Outlook or via the Global Relay custom mobile app for iOS or Android.

WeCloud's Message Archiving is based on the leading platform developed by Global Relay. The platform is used by many of the world's largest banks and financial services institutions. A copy of all new mail from your mail server is retrieved in real time and sent encrypted to our global data centers where they are automatically indexed and secured using additional encryption. Numerous backups are then taken of your encrypted data stored on multiple servers in geographically diverse locations.