WeCloud VaultSMART

Fast and reliable email archiving

You can now add archiving to your email protection service!
Youíve already chosen WeCloud for your email protection service. Now add cloudbased email archiving to give you complete confidence to rapidly retrieve any email rapidly retrieve any email from the secure VaultSMART email archiving service. 

Compliance and retrieval requirements demand that businesses store more data than ever before. VaultSMART from WeCloud makes archiving and searching your entire email history fast and easy, no matter how much data you need to store.

On site backups are expensive to maintain, and make the retrieval of archived emails difficult. VaultSMARTís cloud based archiving provides an ideal solution for simplifying email retrieval and long-term retention, without creating more work or eating into your IT budget.

One console for all email security

VaultSMART unifies with WeCloud's SecureSMART, SecureSMART Suite, and ClickSMART products in a single web interface, enabling complete administration of your email services from a single web console. End users can manage their quarantined emails, access email continuity, and search their personal email archives from one web console.

Peace of mind

VaultSMART is easy to use for administrators, users and compliance officers. All email is securely and reliably captured, retained, and available for later search and retrieval at any time.


Selectively extend the benefits of email archiving to your users to enable them to access and search their own email archive. The administrator can disable the user access to personal archives if needed.

Access for Compliance Officers

Access to your VaultSMART archive is restricted to your companyís compliance or privacy officer only, ensuring complete separation of email administration from legal review.