The WeCloud Concept - IT Security from the cloud

A modern IT environment requires modern IT security  - WeCloud is a global provider of flexible cloud-based security solutions.

The trend is towards more and more cloud-based applications and features, where users knowingly or unknowingly both download and upload huge amounts of data from the Internet to the corporate network. Users no longer need to sit on the company's own network to gain access to applications and the number of connections to the Internet the IT department has to manage and secure is basically the same as the number of users.

Today's malware is more sophisticated than ever before and the amount has increased exponentially during the last 6-7 years. Locally installed security products are constantly one step behind the malware writers and are basically out of date the moment the updates are downloaded to your local environment.

WeCloud provides flexible cloud-based security solutions that do not depend on local updates and endless signature downloads. Our solutions protect your data and your users wherever they are online regardless of what device they are using. By taking advantage of cloud based architecture, each user can be protected with real-time updated security information without constantly having to download and distribute local updates. Our solutions allow you as the administrator to control and manage when, how and which users are permitted to upload business critical data to the cloud.

Our security solutions follow the user wherever they connect to the internet. With a global infrastructure WeCloud provides IT departments with centralized administration and control of operational security policies regardless of where your applications and users are in the world.

WeCloud is a 100% privately owned company that develops and distributes market leading security solutions. We are always on hand for our customers and partners to provide certified and qualified technical support, consultation and advice on all IT security matters.

WeCloud - Peace of Mind in Every Connection.