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Zscaler Web Security

WeCloud integrates Web security and mobile security with a global security platform that replaces  internal proxy servers and protects users wherever they connect to the internet. The Zscaler solution is constantly updated with protection against malware, zero-day threats, vulnerabilities and data leakage.

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Webroot SecureAnywhere

SecureAnywhere ™ Endpoint Protection is a pioneering and modern anti-malware solution that omits the need for local signature files and constant updates. The world’s most lightest and quickest Endpoint Protection provides your computers, servers and mobile devices with the highest levels of security without disrupting your end users.

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WeCloud Email Security

WeCloud SecureSMART is a complete solution for anti-spam, anti-malware and email management designed to work on all platforms including Office 365. Modern and innovative technology ensures that the solution is easy to set up and works optimally for all types of organisations. 

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WeCloud SiteSecurity

WeCloud Site Security constantly monitors your mail servers, web servers, DNS, and many other business critical internet-facing IT services. WeCloud Site Security advises you of critical incidents that would otherwise be difficult to detect from within your internal network.

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Cirius Email Encryption

Using traditional email exposes users to the risk of the e-mail content being sent unencrypted and completely open via the internet. With WeCloud’s user-friendly Encryted Email Service e-mail communication can be secured directly in Outlook ensuring only the intended recipient can read the contents.

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Global Relay Email Archiving

Global Relay archives emails and attachments adhering to the highest security levels for compliance, audit and eDiscovery purposes. Using Global Relay means messages can be restored instantly by both user and administrator using the intuitive web-based portal or a simple app for smartphones and tablets.

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